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Dtps. Fuller's Sunset 'Peloric'

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Stem Propagation: The flowers of the orchids are exactly as shown in the sales photo.


  • Pot Size: 3.0 inch
  • Blooming size
  • Supplied in a moss pot
  • Not currently in flower
  • Imported from Taiwan - May 2022
  • Only limited quantities due to type of propagation method
  • More stable multiplication than mass multiplication (Mericlone)


  • Warm temperature environment 18 - 24 degrees
  • Semi-shady - No direct sun
  • Culture in moss: Let dry well and then water moderately
  • Culture in bark: Water well, then allow to dry out well

We are pleased to offer you this extraordinary meristem. We deliver the orchid in a moss pot. On request, we can also repot the plant in high-quality bark. Please select the suitable article "Repotting service" in the category "Accessories" to your shopping cart.

Included in delivery: One Phalaenopsis in a moss pot.