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  • Delayed shipping due to relocation

Breeding & Origin of our plants

Direct imports from Taiwan.

Incomparable and of the highest quality. This is how you will get to know our plants. We only offer you plants that we have imported from Taiwan ourselves. In 2020, we set out to find the best growers in Taiwan to make this project Orchids for Europe possible for you.

The result is a new type of web shop with the highest level of service and exceptional orchids. We guarantee the name of the orchids you can buy from us.

According to your wishes you can choose your plant from Taiwan.

Taiwan is one of the largest exporters of orchids.

Taiwan is a small island state located south of China and covers an area of approximately 36,200 km². The general climate is very suitable for the breeding and cultivation of orchids. The average daytime temperature in Taiwan is between 25 - 28 °C.

Here the plants can grow as quickly as possible and with the best quality.

No mass breeding.

Let our plants inspire you and experience your passion anew. Far away from mass breeding, we offer you the most extraordinary specimens. Often the individual clones are limited and only available for a certain period of time.

Get something very individual for your home!